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Brigada Today– 2014/03/02

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In this edition:
1) Great Member Care Resources
2) What Have You Learned about Annual Performance Evaluations?
3) Cosim (Cross-Cultural Partnership) To Focus On Training
4) Now Live: A Relationship Website for Globally Called Singles!
5) Get a great start in long-term cross-cultural pioneer mission!
6) Where Do You Go for Retreats?
7) We Get Mail…
9) LOGOS March Madness Begins Now
10) Why Can’t there Be More Film Makers Like David Kiern?
11) They’re Not Cheap, But Boy Do They Have Pockets
12) Got Lesson Plans for Neighborhood Transformation?
13) We’re Grateful for…
14) The BackPage: What’s Next in Crimea?
15) Closing Stuff

1) Great Member Care Resources

MemberCareWow. Kelly and Michèle O’Donnell, with website at…


wrote this past week with a virtual cornucopia of member care recourses. I was completely bowled over by how far the “industry” had come in the last 20 years. Take a look:

First, grab the PDF copy of their list of 100+ member care books and resources at…


Then take a look at these other resources:

*Member care database indexed at Mental Health Resources for Cross-Cultural Workers


*E-books/materials from Missionary Care


*Media materials available at Member Care Media


*Member care-related books for sale: William Carey Library Publishers


Mission Training International


Society for Human Resource Management


People in Aid


Headington Institute (e.g., training modules;


Families in Global Transition


Intercultural Press


Bibliography of articles from the 1960s-1987 in Helping Missionaries Grow (1988, Appendix)


Partial listing of materials in other languages


Member Care: 50 Years-50 Quotes (1964-2013)


Materials at Global MCA from different sectors and relevant for member care and mission/aid (see “Vol 2 Resources” and “Vol 2 Updates”)


Materials on Brigada (search “member care” and “books”,


(They get extra thanks for pointing their friends and readers to this last resource!!! :-) )

3) Cosim (Cross-Cultural Partnership) To Focus On Training

COSIMCoalition on the Support of Indigenous Ministries (COSIM) will conduct its 19th annual conference May 19–21, 2014 in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the headquarters of the Evangelical Free Church of America. The theme is: Equipping Leaders in the Context of Partnership. Plenary speakers at this highly interactive conference will include T.J. Addington, Mary Lederleitner, Jose de Dios, and Emmanuel Ogunyemi. For more information visit


or write to Werner at

4) Now Live: A Relationship Website for Globally Called Singles!

CalledTogether.us is the only relationship website designed for globally-called singles. Singles can use the site to find others with a similar calling or region of interest. We hope God uses this platform to bring together many new teams, friendships, strategic partnerships, and of course, marriages! The site launched on February 28th. Please help us get word out to any globally called singles in your network.


5) Get a great start in long-term cross-cultural pioneer mission!

wordmapYWAM Orlando has a focus on frontier mission


both through church planting and community development. Vision 2020 is YWAM Orlando’s vision to pioneer twenty ministries and plant 100 churches among least-reached peoples. If you long to see Jesus lifted up among the nations, contact us. The School of Mission


starts 31 March 2014 and will help you overcome in the five areas missionaries are challenged most. Your lecturers will be experienced missionaries. The optional field internship is a mentored field learning experience. E-mail
launchteamatywamorlandodotcom or call +1-407-273-1667. You’ll finish the lecture phase confident about your next step in mission.

6) Where Do You Go for Retreats?

retreat centerTake a look at…


It’s a list of great get-aways for cross-cultural workers, some of which offer stays for free!

Now here’s a bigger question though. Suppose you wanted to stage a conference for 75-100 people in Europe… maybe someplace like Croatia or Greece. Are there great places by the sea somewhere that offer tremendous facilities for cross-cultural workers as a partial or full-funded ministry? … or even low rates? If so, please click “comment” below the online (web) version of this item. Thanks in advance for any help you might offer.

7) We Get Mail…

Occasionally, someone will write to say thanks to Brigada for including a resource or item. This past week, one Brigada participant wrote to say, “After you put a note in Brigada about the wellness assessments for MKs on Feb. 12 I received about 1000 page views and even during the past week they are still finding it through Brigada and from 10 countries. One person has offered to do some more statistical analysis to help improve the research on the adult version through this as well. Thanks for your help!” God be praised, brother! Thank you for creating the resource!

8) Boeing has a Smartphone?

140227134633-boeing-new-smartphone-620xaWhy Boeing? Known simply as the Boeing “Black,” it’s apparently real James Bond-type stuff. It even self-destructs, Jim Phelps-esque, if an enemy agent tries to disassemble it. Take a look…



Might be just the thing if you need top-notch privacy. Just don’t let your 10-year-old take it out to the garage workshop.

9) LOGOS March Madness Begins Now

Every year, thousands participate at…


Hundreds of the individual titles will be on sale, but chosen by users based on authors. Last year’s champion was D. A. Carson. The year prior, N. T. Wright. Most likely, you’ll want a say in what books get heavily discounted. The winner’s works are discounted at 75% off! It’s a great (and fun) idea. Hats off to the people at LOGOS for suggesting it. And while you’re at it, don’t forget that LOGOS books and Bibles purchased at…


result in you getting a 15% discount AND LOGOS also makes a donation to Brigada in your name. Thanks in advance for any purchases you make there! When have you ever had such a great excuse to go splurge on Bible software!? :-)

10) Why Can’t there Be More Film Makers Like David Kiern?

David KiernI’m telling you — if there were more guys like David Kiern making films for mission orgs, more people would watch them, more donors would give, and more people would be empowered to preach. And as a result, I’m convinced that more people would come to Christ. It’s just that simple. :-) So… David, keep up the good work. By doing so, you’re reducing the population of Hell. Honest.

Take a look at one of his latest films:


12) Got Lesson Plans for Neighborhood Transformation?

If you didn’t before, you do now:


Several of them are free, too. Neighborhood Transformation (“NT”) is like CHE only for city-dwellers. Stan Rowland has been a leading voice in both movements (if not the founder?) and he has set about now to help create a “CHE for the urban context” and ALL of us will benefit. Thanks Stan! :-)

13) We’re Grateful for…

Meadowbrook Baptist Church (Gadsden, AL), who sent $250 and a note, “I appreciate the ministry of Brigada. Life is busy as a husband, father, pastor, and missionary so mission research time is limited. Your work of compiling resources is a big advantage for my team and me. Thanks for what you do. The enclosed check is meant to support your work, but also encourage you as you do it.” To Randy and all the staff at Meadowbrook, God bless you!!!

God bless the Brigada participant from Cambridge, MN who gave a $15 donation this past week! We appreciate you!

Thanks, too, to the worker in Wycliffe who sent $50 of his own money for the work of Christ through Brigada. God bless you brother.

And thanks to the Brigada participant who sent $25 from Kalamazoo, MI. God bless you!

14) The BackPage: What’s Next in Crimea?

UkraineLast week we asked folks for their input on Ukraine. Virtually no one responded. Maybe that was because we were clueless, but I also wonder if it was because few cared. But now… now that this skirmish in the backwaters of the Black Sea has cost our Paralympics team the chance to go and compete, … now that we’ve seen the extent of the possibilities for violence (the organization I lead has just pulled its last family out of Crimea, and that’s a shame, but we felt like we had to do it because everybody advised us that our workers would be targets.

What is your organization doing about Crimea? How might this impact you? If you would be so kind, click “comment” following the web version of this article and, once again, please let us know your opinion. Thanks in advance for your help!

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