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1) Renewal Weekend (Feb 24-28 2012) in Spain —

Grace 4 Life is a ministry of spiritual mentoring that leads participants to a deeper appreciation of and reliance on God’s love in the Gospel. Energized by grace, Grace 4 Life helps workers and supporters alike to joyfully give their lives in word and deed to see the Kingly reign of Jesus come into hearts, homes, and churches throughout the world. Their next event is Feb. 24-28 in Antequera, Ma’laga, Spain. It’s sponsored by World Harvest Mission. For registration information contact


(And by the way, thanks for the very-much-appreciated gift of $100 to help Brigada finish strong!)

2) Free Room and Board (for a Hard Worker) in Rome, Italy —

A couple on the outskirts of Rome with two young boys, ages 3 and 5, are in need of child care while the mother works (only the father speaks English). The father is involved in outreach to Bangladeshi people, discipling Italians and tutoring Distance Study students, and will, Lord willing, soon be helping in a Refugee ministry. They have a spare room with an adjacent bathroom and will provide free room, lunch, and dinner (so you only need to purchase your own breakfast food). They need someone from now (immediately) until the 30th of July 2012. This is a great chance to experience some aspects of multi-cultural Rome and to learn more about the country of Italy. Is God calling YOU?


Thanks for praying and thanks for sharing this need.


Those who wish to apply for this voluntary short-term missionary task can apply through



3) Dozens of Free Brochures For Missionaries —

You feel tired, anxious, discouraged, isolated, angry, and homesick but cannot think of any reason why you should feel that way. You have been on the field for several years, but these feelings always seem to be there, increasing and decreasing. You wonder what could be causing them. It could be culture stress.  There’s a brochure — “What Missionaries Ought to Know about Culture Stress” — that could help. In fact, there are dozens of brochures on all *kinds* of topics that might help you. They’re available in htm or pdf formats and they’re free at




If you would like a copy of the brochure with no mention of the word “missionary,” you can find it at…




(And thanks to GO InterNational, the producers of this material, for sending $30 to help Brigada finish 2011!)

4) Tentmaking Business As Mission Courses – Winter/Spring 2012 —

Let GO/TENT help you to develop your ministry plan by attending one of their Tentmaking Business as Mission courses. Their course fees are some of the lowest anywhere for a 4.5 day intensive, two week curriculum. An extensive course book, a course CD/USB full of post course resources and delicious meals are all included. At the suggestion of previous course alumni from Oregon, they are now running the first ever course in Portland in February. The following week there is a course across the continent in Fort Myers, Florida. Spring time finds the course in Bergen, Norway, at the TENT headquarters building. This course is filling up earlier each year, so register early. Immediately after this course, the teachers head to Finland for yet another course. In the fall is the third annual course in Germany. One of these should fit your schedule. Contact GO at

goemailatglobaloppsdotorg or visit their website




(Thanks to GlobalOpps.org for the $50 gift to help Brigada finish 2011 strong!)

5) The Best YouTube/Vimeo Missions Mobilization Videos —

Let’s create a “hall of fame” list of the best YouTube or Vimeo-type videos focusing on ….

-the power of prayer

-the big picture on Unreached People Groups

-introducing Islam

-church multiplication/planting movements


We’re hoping the answers to these questions will help *all* of us as we seek to mobilize, pray, and place workers. To add your “best of the best” videos to the list, just find this item on the web (if you’re reading via email, just use the link below), then add a comment with a URL. Don’t worry if your comment doesn’t show up immediately. Our spam engine automatically defers comments with more than one URL included. So we’ll have to glance at them and “approve” them,… but check back and, within a day or two, you’ll see your item listed. Thanks in advance for helping us find the best of the best !!!

7) How do you Remember Random Stuff? Springpad? …Evernote? —

Or maybe you just write it all down. The trouble is — how do we store all those random bits of information we learn — and how do we find that info, once we need it again, after years have passed. You know the type… the random facts about the unreached people group in Mali, the quote from the sermon last year, the list of prayer requests for Tunisia, your favorite hotel in Paris, the to-do list to help stage a prayer meeting for Libya — where do we store all this info?


First, evaluate Evernote. Maybe Evernote is a better option.




It promises better security, more platform options, and an offline application for your PC and/or iPhone.


But I’ll be honest: I *want* to like Springpad. See it at…




I don’t know if it’s just . . . a more attractive interface, or what. Maybe it’s because their iPhone app just seems cooler. :-) Trouble is – for now, for our purposes, it seems severely limited because it doesn’t offer the option of securing a page for one person or group at a time. Note that if you use https: for log-in and for the first (secure sockets) setting, it now “sticks” in my browser… meaning that the site is finally (apparently) secure sockets. However, the chatter indicates that they hope to start offering some kind of security feature by the end of January. So let’s keep my eye on it. They have a nice iPhone app. But — until they get secure, is this an option we should snub?

8) Teach in Kosova… and share God’s Love with a New Nation —

Please join us in praying that God would send at least two part-time or one full time English teacher for Prishtina High School ASAP. Learn more at …


http://www. prishtinahighschool.org


The school has just learned that two part-time English teachers needed to return to the USA. Unfortunately, second semester starts in just a week or two — so these teachers are needed more or less immediately — through June 13. All teachers at the school are self-funded (supported by sufficient personal salary, pension or supported by a local church). The school realizes that this is a tall order but they also believe we serve a God who specializes in the impossible! Prishtina High School is considered by some to be one of the most important ministries in the entire new nation.  Please pray that God will lead in a powerful way through this challenging time. (Please be sure to tell them that you read about their need in Brigada. Thanks!)

9) Online Reviews of iPhone Apps —

Do you have a favorite review site for iPhone apps? Robby, a great friend of Brigada (one of the best, in fact!), shared this online site in a recent email:




(That URL will “wrap.” If you have trouble reassembling it in your browser’s URL box, just find this item on Brigada’s site on the web, using the link below, you can click on it there.)


Note that in several of these review-type sites, the comments *after* the main article are a treasure trove in and of themselves. For example, in the above review, there are several helpful apps mentioned (among several not-so-helpful comments). Like usual, “eat the corn, leave the cob.”


Maybe you have a different favorite reviewer. “The 50 best iPhone apps of 2011” or “10 Apps You Dare Not Live Without.” If so, please use the “Comment” box below to pass along your favorite. Thanks, in advance, for sharing! (And thank *you*, Robby!)

10) Chinese Worldview Today Summer Seminar —

It happens June 28-July 16, in Beijing and Xian, China. Via this seminar, you can learn about China by going to China! This 2-week intensive course will survey the core teachings, history and development of Confucianism, Taoism, Islam, Buddhism, folk religions and Christianity in China. Presenters will lecture about the impact of these traditions on Chinese thought and society today. Lectures will be supplemented by field study, visits to important sites in Beijing and Xian. There is also an optional 3-week extension, teaching middle or high school Chinese students. The course is offered by the China Academic Consortium (CAC) with credit available through Denver Seminary for $1850. Contact

errcaterrchinadotcom for more information or visit



11) You can Submit Items to Brigada! —

When you have an upcoming program or a resource to share, or some kind of tip or trend to consider, why not share it with over 10,000 other readers throughout the globe! It’s completely free (although we do have an informal policy of bumping donors up to the top of the heap of items… and we do run behind sometimes because the heap can grow rather large — so donors do, informally, get high priority VIP treatment — and their items get prime position, listed toward the top of the publication). Before you submit an item for consideration, please visit




to read about how to make your item more Brigada-friendly. Thanks in advance for making Brigada better… and we hope this free service is helpful to you.

12) We’re Grateful… —

Thanks to those who give to make Brigada happen! For example, one of the forces behind Pray4Tunisia recently sent a gift of $150, along with this note: “Thanks so much for helping us launch Pray4Tunisia. You helped connect us with the body of Christ. By God’s grace, nearly 20,000 intercessors are now pleading with God for the launching of a church multiplication movement in Tunisia! And this is only the first year!”  The group has successfully used such sites as…






God be praised. Imagine 20,000 people rallying together to pray daily about *anything*, let alone a meaningful missions venture! It’s a dream come true.


Thanks to Bellevue Baptist ($100) and Partners International ($150). Maybe the latter gift came from a specific worker who wanted to bless Brigada personally, and the gift came through Partners’ office. Regardless, we’re humbled, sobered, encouraged, and inspired to keep working. Bless you!!!


In addition to the above, we also received $20 from a Brigada fan out in the state of Illinois. When asked if she wanted to feature anything in particular, she responded, “Nope, just thanks for helping missionaries by getting  the resource information out there!

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

13) The BackPage: Lessons Learned in 2011: God is Good! —

So with this edition of Brigada, we wrap up, officially at least, the giving for 2011. The truth is — we can’t begin to thank you… all of you… enough. We’re grateful for those who pray for us, give to make this work possible, and sacrifice to keep us going. Exactly how much came in? The grand total for 2011 adds up to $16,471.92! We’re *amazed* at that number, frankly. As you might recall, our goal was $17,120. To think that we would have come within $648.08 of that goal, all within a very difficult economic year is proof of several factors:

*** Brigada  participants are the greatest friends ever!

*** If someone works throughout an entire year, without charging any subscription fee, then if there’s something valuable to be gained by the material, somebody, somewhere, will be courageous enough to step up to the plate to help keep that ministry solvent and moving forward.

*** We don’t really have to *ask* people very much, in some situations. If we just *do* our ministry, making things happen, then sometimes, people will want to fuel the fire simply because they see the flame.


[Note: Gifts received from here on out will now be considered toward the 2012 goal, which for yet another year will remain unchanged at $17,120. Once again, as we did in 2011, we won’t mention money again, except to say thanks for any gifts received, until the end of the year — basically the last 6 or 7 editions. The Brigada world has spoken: We don’t *need* to bother you with appeals throughout the year. God be praised for that.]


So above all, the primary lesson learned is — God is good. He provides, even when we start a new year with a zero balance, even when we don’t talk about it throughout the year, and even when we’re sometimes traveling and run behind. Amazing.


As we “close out our books,” so to speak, for 2011, I just want to make special mention of the folks who, week after week, cull through every news item possible… They’re readers, pray-ers, and boosters. They send us items totally because they want to share the news… “as one beggar telling another beggar where to find bread.” So thank you to all the unsung heroes of Brigada, some of whom don’t ever want their name mentioned. Thank you to those who *gave* — sacrificially. Thanks to those who went to their church missions committees and said, “Hey, this guy is doing his best. Let’s help him out some.”


In 2012, then, boosted above the waves by an outpouring of grace and mercy, we’ll do all we can to stay in step with the calendar. We’ll do our best to receive, find and share the best news, resources, trends, tools, and more — for cross-cultural travelers, for those sharing the Good News, and for all our other readers, near or far. Thank you Brigada Participants. Thank you Volunteer Contributors! And most of all, thank you God.



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