Day: December 18, 2011

1) Most Popular Mission Trip Locations —

An analysis of 85,000 searches made on   this past Spring reveals that Kenya and Uganda dropped out of the high popularity position which they enjoyed over the past several years....

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3) Yes — a New iPhone —

I know, I know. You thought you’d never live to see the day. But just remember — it’s a phone, not a Mac computer. The truth is though — these iPhone have spawned an amazing renewal of the software...

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4) Best App for Tracking Miles Driven —

If you work for an organization, company or church that requires you to turn in mileage reports, you’ll need to track your mileage and/or travel reimbursement costs. My best find was “Track My Mileage 2.0”...

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5) Best Calculator App: Calculator+ —

I know. The iPhone comes with a decent calculator. However, Calculator+, written by Sarah Ragab, (found in the AppStore) provides a more elegant interface, supports handwriting, and displays both the equation and the result at...

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6) Best Expense-recording App —

There are lots of options. For now, I’ve settled on iXpenseit. You use the on-phone camera to take a picture of the receipt, then throw away the paper copy (as long as you back up! :-) ). You can do daily expense recording...

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7) Best Alarm Clock App —

Need to get up in the morning? Want options? Try Alarmed (in the App Store). It has all kinds of pop-up reminder alerts with robust repeat scheduling, flexible snooze, and full customization. There are pop-up timers, alarm...

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9) We Give Thanks for… —

The Barnabas Foundation, which sent a $100 gift this past week, courtesy some great friends of Brigada in Montana. We appreciate you!   And the Insurance Services of America for a gift of $42.39 as a thank-you note for...

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