Day: October 11, 2009

3) Take a Member Care ‘how-to’ Course for Free

Study under the people who wrote the book on Member Care (Kelly and Michele O’Donnell). Watch this interactive slide presentation and learn how to further connect and contribute to the member care field. It is oriented...

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5) Learn How to *Really* Do Business (BAM)

Do you desire to use your business skills in reaching the unreached? Would you like to be actively involved in helping transform a remote area of the world? Are you willing to share your work expertise via email coaching? Are...

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8) How to Fan the Flame of Brigada

Want to help encourage the dream of Brigada… the dream of working together to finish the Task of reaching the unreached? Just click on one of the “Donor” links at the top of this page. Both are safe, the one...

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9) The BackPage: On Ownership and Bedmaking

My wife and I have an informal tradition. We alternate “making the bed.” It’s not a closely-regulated thing, mind you. We don’t have a chart with checkmarks. But in general, sometimes after I’ve...

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