Day: November 30, 2008

2008/11/30 — Brigada Today

“Brigada: Since 1995… Buckets full of Resources, Trends, Challenges — all in a weekly e-zine & website…”Compiled by Doug Lucas, Team Expansion, Louisville, KY(Thanks for your patience as we...

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1) You Have A Staff Of Thousands At Your Disposal

Have too much to do? Needing help in the area of graphic design, multimedia, writing, translation, administrative support, law, engineering, etc.? Have you about died waiting for your college buddy to do the job for you for...

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2) Free: 270-Page Pdf Book On Centrality Of Christ

A missionary in South America has compiled a great collection of quotes that seek to incite a conspiracy of single-minded focus on Christ. We sometimes forget that it’s all about *him*. If you would like to download a free...

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3) Don’t Loose Perspective In 2009

Keeping a kingdom perspective during trying economic times is essential. The Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course may be your answer to help you refocus and find your place in extending God’s kingdom in the...

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4) Deepen Your Walk Book Set

The Master Design (a Christian book publisher) is offering a special book set of four titles for only $14.95 plus shipping. Only 1000 sets are available. This set includesDr Greg Frizzell’s, “How to Develop a...

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6) Gmail: You Can Get It Offline

Unless you’ve been vacationing on Mars lately, you probably know that Google’s “Gmail” web app is the hottest webmail portal this side of the Andromeda Galaxy. With over 7 gigs of online storage space for...

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8) Big Thank You To 3 Unique Cities

What do Fargo (North Dakota), Fayetteville (Arkansas), and Topeka all have in common? In each of those cities, there’s a much-appreciated Brigada participant who officially became a “True Fan” of Brigada...

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11) Closing Stuff

DISCLAIMER — We can’t screen ’em all. Please forgive us if aparticular site contains offensive information — or no information at all! We try to visit them in advance, but often write “on the...

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