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(Thanks loads to "Chris" of Young Life Europe for compiling this file of Resources for his staff... and the entire Brigada family!)

Resources for Missionaries 
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The following collection of links should generally inform, offer resources, educate, entertain, and probably mystify primarily missionaries, and especially missionaries with a focus on youth. I have checked every site, and as of 23 September 2003, they all work. Be advised: you might not agree with the content of every site! I vouch no claim of orthodoxy, theological correctness, inoffensiveness, or even accuracy for any of the sites listed below. Finally, the descriptions are generally my own thoughts and comments and do not necessarily reflect what is on the site itself...or what the webmasters of each particular site might say about themselves! So...enjoy! And I hope I've helped you, eased your pain, or at least made you laugh with this collection of (mostly) excellent websites!  
Portals to More  
 www.brigada.orgWeekly resource e-mail…easily the best on the Web for missionaries!
www.chritech.comTons of links to everything Christian
 www.combonimissionaries.orgMission links from a Catholic perspective (see Resource link)
www.crosswalk.comLinks to Christian resources, books, articles, etc. awesome list of Christian sites!!!
 www.cina.deGerman-language Christian portal (hey…I live in Germany!)
www.escapeartist.comLinks and resources for expats
www.gospelcom.netLinks to Christian resources, books, articles, etc. to interesting missions-related sites
www.mislinks.orgLinks to missionary specific resources
www.missionfrontiers.orgLinks for missions
www.dmoz.orgOne of the largest portals on the web for Christian missionaries
www.missionaries.orgLinks for missions
Family and Education  
www.bigidea.cominfo on the Veggie Tales
www.worldwidehomeschool.comresources for homeschooling
www.parentingteenagers.orginforms, educates, encourages parents of teens
intermin.orgresources for growing great marriages
www.cpyu.orgCenter for Parent and Youth Understanding of video games
www.christianconnector.comFree resource for Christian Higher Education
christiananswers.netAnswers to questions Christians might have
www.christianchildren.comChristian videos for children
www.bigideafun.comfun site for kids; related to the Veggie Tales
www.almenconi.comHelps parents communicate values to their children movies and awards them Biblical character(s)
www.daads.comDads At A Distance…resources for keeping in touch on the Family website
www.kaboose.comEducational site for kids
www.kidsdomain.comEducational site for kids
www.moodyconferences.comInfo on upcoming Moody Bible Institute conferences
www.homeschoolunitstudies.comHome school education site (see Resources link)
www.nathhan.comHome-schooling special needs kids (2 "H's" in nathhan!)
www.tckworld.comGreat info on TCKs…lots of links!
www.vegsource.comHome school support site
www.gfi.orgGrowing Families International (Ezzo Parenting Info) site
 Raising Resilient MKsBook, ed by Joyce Bowers Copyright 1998 by ACSI and Published by ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International
Youth Ministry for discussing and dealing with war(s)
www.life2themax.neta very cool site on Christian living your personality, albeit a bit cynically
www.answering-islam.orgA Muslim-Christian dialogue
www.twinkiesproject.comBizarre "scientific" tests on Twinkies what other people accomplished by the time they were your age! site
 www.godspeak.infoAn edgy site of the United Bible Society…definitely watch the intro clip!
www.simplyyouthministry.comsite for purchasing youth ministry materials
www.equip.orgprovides research and answers to biblical questions
www.youthworkerssupportnet.netfirms.comFeeling burned out? This site is for you!
www.answersingenesis.orgapologetics site how long you'll live… flattery…try it!
 christiananswers.netAnswers to Biblical questions, apologetics; also movie reviews and other cultural stuff
www.sloppynoodle.comsite for teens…"Cool Guys & Hip Chicks"
www.coolquiz.comsite for quizes, games, trivia, etc
www.solidsounds.orgreflections on lyrics in Christian songs
www.egadideas.comcollection of free games and ideas for youth ministry
www.erasethedark.comonline ministry combatting pornography you pirate name! your Star Wars twin!
www.groupmag.comGroup Magazine…a magazine for youth leaders
www.parentministry.orghelps youth workers develop family-based ministries
www.apologeticsindex.orgapologetics resources on cults, religions, sects, etc
 www.ruralministry.comThe Center for Theology and Land…offers courses in youth ministry many socks have you worn in your life? Not sure how accurate this one is…
www.absolution-online.comNot sure if this is a joke…read the disclaimer…'s only Genuine Diploma Mill…
 www.christiandollarstore.comSadly, I don't think this is a joke…check out the "Fish Pin"
www.meatshake.comslurp 'em up!
www.afterlifetelegrams.comNot very Biblical, but good for a laugh!
www.yogakitty.comDon't go here if you are a cat lover!
www.buydehydratedwater.comyes…it's a hoax…
www.museumofhoaxes.comVery, very interesting!
www.thesourcefym.comtons of resources for youth ministers and leaders
www.christianstudents.coma site for Christian students to connect
www.homestarrunner.comInteresting cartoon site
www.grand-illusions.comVery cool! little game
www.inflatablechurch.comJust what it says…wish I'd had this ten years ago! Biblical curses…very, very funny!
www.youthpastor.comgreat youth-ministry specific site w/links
 www.youthspecialties.comgood place for youth min resources; see "Links" for lots more!; has e-mail updates resources for youth ministers
 The Ideas LibrarySeries of books on every aspect of youth programming…this is a must-have collection! Copyright by Youth Specialties Inc., and Published by Zondervan Publishing House…check the Youth Specialties website!
 Believe-It-Or-NotBible studies for youth ministry; Very creative!; Published by Group Publishing, Copyright 2000
 Youthworker MagazineExcellent for staying in tune…see or call 800-769-7624
www.mtstravel.comarranges travel for missionaries
www.missiontrips.comarranges short-term mission trips world-wide
www.virtualtourist.comtravel guides to destinations world-wide
www.teleadaptusa.comcomputer/phone adaptors and cords, etc. to be…ports/connectors for all computer needs
 kropla.comanswers to electrical and/or telephoning questions world-wide
www.missionaryair.comarranges travel for missionaries
 www.lufthansa.comI put this here because I've found that more often than not, going directly to the airline is cheaper than using a travel agent…just go to the website of your airline of choice
Material Resources bookstore of SIM, another missions organization
www.ccbnonprofits.comall kinds of stuff sold at bargain rates only to non-profits…
www.clip-art.comloads of free clip art and links to more
www.1computerbargains.comComputer stuff only sold to non-profits amazing number of books online and free for downloading
 www.80stees.comBuy t-shirts w/80's themes…Amazing memories (for some!) through use of TV, video, and mass media
www.christian-web-masters.comResources for Christian website builders/masters of clip art
www.mapquest.comFind any map or directions to anywhere!
www.osbd.orgVideo editing resources for Christians
www.scipower.netPortable and durable sound systems your own safety signs…no kidding! phone calls
www.mats.orgFinds vehicles for missionaries
World Info  
 www.embassyworld.comAll of the world's embassies in a searchable database…very cool site!
 www.aca.chAmerican Citizens Abroad site…lots of info for American expats World Fact book…another site with tons of information 
 www.maps.comOnline maps, maps to purchase, driving directions, etc., for the whole world!
www.webofculture.comFor a fee, find out a wealth of world and cultural info info on all countries
Miscellaneous free service for reading and researching Scripture
 www.paypal.comsend and receive money electronically…even deposit in foreign bank accounts in some countries for only 1Euro!!!
www.christianitytoday.comArticles from Christianity Today magazine 3:16 in 3000 languages! to with articles from Leadership Journal stats of the world…#'s of people, #'s of births/deaths, etc.; changes as they happen…very, very interesting!
 www.relevantmagazine.comFor the deep thinking Postmodern Christian…thoughts on God, Life, and Progressive Culture Gifts discovery tool
 www.thedoormagazine.comChristian Satire (the old Wittenburg Door Mag)…founded by none other than Denny Rydberg, YL President Four Spiritual Laws…this is a really useful tool especially if memorized! resources using art this one out…thoughts from the other side! on Missionary Burnout…it's a little confusing, but the list of characteristics of burnout at the start of the article is definitely worth reading!
www.wwcmagazine.orgMagazine from Campus Crusade for Christ
www.easyenglish.infoThe Bible in Easy English (from Wycliffe Translators)
www.air1.comChristian Internet Radio and listening resources
www.allmusic.comHistory and examples of all types of music
www.barna.orgsite of the Barna Research organzation…all kinds of stats
www.billygraham.orgAll about the organization established by Billy Graham
www.ccmmagazine.comChristian music magazine online
www.chasinghats.orgOnline magazine for postmoderns, et al
 www.christiancounterculture.comAnother online magazine for postmoderns, et al; very thoughtful
www.christiangoth.comJust what it says…
www.christianmusician.comhelp for Christian musicians
davebarry.blogspot.comOnly because I like Dave Barry…
www.desiringgod.orgsite for all things John Piper and others you do business internationally, you need this site!
www.mcjonline.comMaranantha Christian Journal online
www.networkingnext.comAll you need to know about computer networks to share Jesus online
www.passageway.orgpostmodern online magazine
www.razormouth.comthis e-zine will challenge you to think a little…
www.religionjournal.comworld news for the church for pastors in burnout
www.landoverbaptist.orgVery funny Christian satire…not for the faint…
www.worldnetdaily.comconservative daily news e-zine
www.worshipleader.comresource for worship leaders currency converter
www.worshiptogether.comworship resources